national anthology of the best undergraduate writing 2011

Send Us Your Work

We have begun work this spring on plain china: Best Undergraduate Writing 2012, soliciting journals from past, present, and hoped-for contributors to consider during the reading, selecting, and editing process next fall. If you would like work from your school’s literary journal to be considered for the 2012 anthology, please send six copies of your 2012 publication(s) by June 1, along with student editor(s) and faculty advisor contact information to:

plain china
c/o Rebecca Godwin
Bennington College
One College Drive
Bennington, VT 05201

Note: If your publication deadline doesn’t permit you to send before June 1, let us know and we can make other arrangements. Also, if your publication is entirely online, simply send us the url and password, if applicable, along with editors’ contact information.

Questions? Contact us here.