national anthology of the best undergraduate writing 2011

Man on a Hunt

Anna Hurst  • 
Louisiana State University

All dirt trail and fish boot, straw in the lips, denim
and oxcart, wrangler fish strung on a hook line, takes
me by the waist, says sometimes everyone needs
to be touched. Says it’s only a joke, I’m not really
saying the things I mean about light and its reflection
on the water and how the moon hides in its smooth
expanse, I’m not saying what I really think about the sound
no one hears when we fish under the willow, says during
the day I want the night, the sky missing and hushed. Inside,
I’m unsettled like fish swarming the surface for food but we
keep fishing for everything we want to drown, cut throat
and vermillion, the godawful end, says I’d hate to do this
to anyone.