national anthology of the best undergraduate writing 2011

Back at the Drawing Board

With fall setting in, the plain china 2012 editorial team is busy already. We’ve begun the selection process for our 2012 anthology with a boost from the student reviewers at FUSE, the Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors. Of our 2010 anthology, FUSE had this to say:

“This journal demands a reading for the quality of its content and clean presentation, but what may be most admirable about Plain China is its unspoken commentary on the sometimes-underappreciated community of undergraduate writers…The professionalism of the work in Plain China validates undergraduate journals and students alike. The journal gives us a glimpse at the voices of today’s young writers, and together they make a whole that is mature, thoughtful, and on par with many post-college journals in circulation.”

FUSE has been a great boon in navigating the undergraduate literary journal circuit, and their name says it all—undergraduate editors, readers, and writers would do well to check out their discussion forums, reviews of journals around the country, and helpful links to interviews, journals, contests, and conferences.

Read the full review of plain china 2011 here, or re-visit Nathalie Trepagnier’s “powerful and controlled” poem, “Watermarked,” here.

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