plain china Staff, Fall 2009 and Spring 2010

Tori Arend ’10 is a student of language and literature.

Senior nonfiction editor Crystal Barrick ’11 studies literature and education reform. She is from New England.

Hannah Colbert ’12 chiefly studies literature and Spanish and loves most things related to writing and languages. She is from a small Connecticut town in the woods.

Ariana Eve Cosner Ervin ’11 studies politics, drama, and journalism. She loves to eat and wants a baby.

Esme Franklin ’13 studies creative writing at Bennington. She was born in Seattle, WA.

Zack Franklin ’11 is a design student from New England who still believes in the magic of printed type.

Nicole Gounalis ’11 is a student of foreign languages and literature. She is from upstate New York.

Lisa Hanson ’10 is a literature student from Los Angeles.

David Howard ’11 studies literature as well as visual arts and mathematics. He enjoys reading and writing books when he is not too busy doodling in the margins of his homework.

Code monkey Wyatt Kirby ’10 is not afraid of the way things are going: he studies literature, loves the Internet, and believes that the future of the written word is online. He will probably graduate from college.

Sara Judy ’11 is a literature student with aspirations to become a baker.

Senior fiction editor Michael Nordine ’10 studies literature and philosophy. His fiction and essays have appeared in Silo, plain china, Nutmeg Unit, and One Leaf, and his as-yet untitled collection of short stories will be completed this spring. He lives in Southern California.

Terry Orr ’13, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, studies education and graphic design, for now. She enjoys being bare foot more than the average person and hopes to join the Peace Corps upon graduating.

Emmet Penney ’11 hails from Chicago. His father plays guitar and sings in a country band, his mother runs her own business, and his little sister is an Illinois state champion in women’s wrestling. He studies literature at Bennington College and is currently working on a novel.

Carey Powers ’12 studies literature and piano. In 2008, she received the Poetry Society of America’s Louise Louis/Emily F. Bourne Student Poetry Award. She enjoys a lot of things, mostly having to do with books.

Senior art editor Marisa Prefer ’10 studies art, among other things. She is the editor of The Silo, Bennington’s journal of arts and letters.

Editor-in-chief and senior poetry editor Safiya Sinclair ’10 is concentrating in literature at Bennington, where she has twice received the Rosalie Gittings Drexel ’47 Scholarship for outstanding achievement in poetry. She has previously published work in the Caribbean publications The Jamaica Observer Literary Arts Magazine, Bearing Witness 2003: A Col­lection of the Year’s Best Fiction and Poetry, and the international anthology, Kunapipi: A Journal of Post-Colonial Literature. She is currently work ing on her senior thesis, “Sehn­sucht, St. James,” a collection of poetry and prose.

Mary Terrier ’10 is from Austin, Texas, and studies literature.

Maggie Watts ’13 is interested in philosophy and literature.

Abbey White ’13 studies literature, education, and sociology. Her poetry has been published in Bennington’s Silo and was named a Top Ten Contender of the 2008 Glass Woman Prize for Fiction. Upon graduation, she hopes to enter the field of young adult publishing and eventually work for the Federal Department of Education on Language Arts curricu­lum and policy reform.

Faculty editor Rebecca Godwin has published two novels, Private Parts (1992, Longstreet Press) and Keeper of the House (1994, St. Martin’s Press). Her short fiction has appeared in Paris Review, Epoch, South Carolina Review, The Sun, and else where, most recently in The Oxford American’s “Best of the South 2009″ issue. She has twice served as screening judge for the Drue Heinz Literature Prize, has judged the S.C. Fiction Fellowship and for the Petigru Review, and was screening judge for The Atlantic’s 2010 student writing competition. She teaches literature and writing at Bennington. Visit her web site here.