plain china: best undergraduate writing

Volume One : Issue Two


by Elizabeth Barsotti

Halves by Allie Reed Halves by Allie Reed

The two of us eat oysters at the small restaurant on the shore, blue lanterns glowing against the darkness of the sea. The shore like the shell—black with night and white along the ridges. Dunes cropping up like barnacles. The two of us cling to each other. I wear your cotton sweater. The table is white, shines like the moon along the ocean. Square moon with so many shells of oysters. The quick swallow of night. Our mouths sucking. We will walk home along the water’s edge, blue jeans rolled, hiding stones in the folds as we go, plucking the white ones from the black grains of sand. I will wear white to bed with you. I’ll be the moon if you’ll be the water, oysters in both of our bellies.

About the Author

Elizabeth Barsotti

Carnegie Mellon University

Elizabeth Barsotti recently graduated with a BHA degree from Carnegie Mellon University in creative writing and book arts. She runs County Line Press, a small producer of letterpress books, broadsides, and ephemera, in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands.