plain china: best undergraduate writing

Volume One : Issue Two


by Lisa Low

underwater 2 by erin mulvehill underwater 2 by Erin Mulvehill

A song loosens from her throat
and shimmers upwards. Everything

sings with glass lips: trident
and spike, the soft spines

of fish. In summer a ship passes
over her heart, the valves swell

with hunger. Three hundred years
of hard glitter doesn’t flame

like love does now, her red hair
doesn’t blaze underwater. At night

the moon emerges jagged
as teeth. Her voice trapped in a vial

like poison. What she wants to say
rises to the surface as foam.

About the Author

Lisa Low

Rice University

Lisa Low, a 2009 graduate of Rice University, has studied poetry and creative writing at the undergraduate level, and hopes to learn more about writing through new places and experiences.