plain china: best undergraduate writing

Volume One : Issue Two

Metal. Home.

by Skye Shirley

Untitled by Drew Gold Untitled by Drew Gold

A machine decorated my cast iron radiator
with tangled tendrils, white roses.
In return, it whistles and whispers
throughout the night, warming cold windowpanes.
Water tower: I can see you from the third floor,
gray, overcast. I wonder at your bold launch
against the flurries and monsoons.
Drought comes, and we drink you, bathe.
Iron deficient, my body temperature can’t control
itself, so I eat fish and red meats.
The strangest marvel?
How my earrings slip into piercings every
morning, slide out each night. What miracle
they nudge through me painless.

About the Author

Skye Shirley

Boston College

Skye Shirley majors in English and creative writing at Boston College, where she is currently writing a poetry thesis. She has a soft spot for ancient civilizations and a hunger for mythology. Her poems have been published in Stylus, Laughing Medusa, and Naked Singularity.