plain china: best undergraduate writing

Volume One : Issue Two

In Orbit

by Peter Schumacher

Jama Masjid, Delhi by Waqas Jawaid Jama Masjid, Delhi by Waqas Jawaid

It hangs there—nothing to do—having lost
most of itself thousands of years ago.
And wasn’t that convenient for us
gazers of early evening’s lazy
orange resisting pink & tracing
the various silhouettes of horizon?
It’s the way that wedge of early moon
just hangs there, in the faint light, oddly close
like a pair of hands, that our days
are filled with common wonder.

The crash into the soft
carbon planet must have been perfect.
The convenience of its particular
hurtling through silence:
the velocity, mass, shape, timing, & original
force, all which lost the meteor most
of itself, & which bound it up
with something else entirely:
that circular involvement in things,
that hanging there—suspended
in motion—with nothing to do.

About the Author

Peter Schumacher

Colorado College

Peter Schumacher graduated from Colorado College in 2009 and is currently living in Colorado. Peter’s work has appeared in The Summerset Review.