plain china: best undergraduate writing

Volume One : Issue One


by Ting Gou

Ponte Nuovo by Evan Morse Ponte Nuovo by Evan Morse

You’d have wanted more lights,
a thousand cobwebs gold-strung
to crystallize the stillness of the
invisible houses below. This is not
Chicago: there are no lights, no filigree
overlaying gridded streets, no electric
lamps tracing city lines like loose stitching
on flappers’ dresses. When the city
comes, you are almost too late for it.
Outside, a million things zip around.
Windows pass. Galaxies are born. The ground
comes fast and hard, but tactfully,
like the palm of a hand opening.

About the Author

Ting Gou

Princeton University

Ting Gou is a junior molecular biology major at Princeton who is pursuing a ceificate in creative writing. She went to Cheng Du, China, last summer with funding from the Lewis Center for the Arts to write about her family and the Sichuan earthquake. She is co-editor-in-chief of The Nassau Literary Review.