plain china: best undergraduate writing

Volume One : Issue One

I Ask to Spit Out Your Ash

by Taylor Murrow

Dini and Tati by Johanna Beck Dini and Tati by Johanna Beck

I ask to spit out your ash,
pages that burned up in fevers.
There is nothing else to say, except
that during one week of winter
in New Orleans, I find myself
curled up, chewing
on embers. I stay inside the books
your fingers touched and write short notes on receipts
to remember, things like push and plug up,
words like needle and flood. We are flung
in and out of this world on a wire. You used
to crawl up and down my thighs, but lately, I am
fireside and bone. There is nothing
to say about only pages and ink, not much to tell
about the splitting open mouth,
the pins that fall out and beg to be pushed back in.

About the Author

Taylor Murrow

Loyola University

Taylor Murrow is a New Orleans native who recently graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor’s in English. She plans to leave for grad school in a year or two, but knows she can’t stay away from New Orleans for too long. She divides her time between poems and nachos.