national anthology of the best undergraduate writing 2014

Editorial Staff 2014

Poetry editor Rory Cullen ’15 studies literature and acting and often sits in the red room at the dining hall. His own writing touches on formation of identity, displacement, and life in the suburbs. He is a confirmed Aries.

Nonfiction editor Eleanor Dohner ’15 studies literature and the classics, but has somehow found herself doing advanced work on epic poetry. If she’s not reading for plain china, then she’s probably sleeping.

Poetry editor Emily Dorsey ’17 is from Rochester, New York, and studies literature and biology. She excels in singing to inanimate objects and spotting friendly dogs to pet in public.

Nonfiction editor Emily Gaynor ’16 studies drama, literature, and media. She is also pursuing photography and produces nonfiction radio pieces for the Bennington Radio Project.

Poetry editor Thais Glazman ’16 studies literature and visual arts, with a focus on asking questions she cannot answer about both. She spends her time reading poems, listening to records, and manipulating photographs.

Fiction editor Joey Grantham ’16 was born in Kansas City, MO, but grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studies literature and playwriting and would probably like you to know that he interned with McSweeney’s and is addicted to coffee.

Senior poetry editor Parke Haskell ’15 spends her time studying written structures and directing, making tea, muttering to herself in various bookshops, and pressing snooze. She feels particularly lucky to have found plain china, as it allows her to argue about poetry more hours of the day.

Fiction editor Roi Karlinsky ’16 was born in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine, but spent most of his childhood in a small town in the Negev Desert in Israel. He studies and plays music, and is also working towards a degree in evolutionary biology. Like a lot of people, books and stories have always been there for him, which is why he tries to huff as many as he can. He loves avocados and is a hopeful pessimist.

Jeva Lange ’15 returns to plain china as editor-at-large and social media manager. Jeva studies literature and journalism and has published criticism inThe New York Daily News, VICE, and The Atlantic Wire. She is currently at work on a biography about her mother and West Memphis.

Poetry editor Will Larsen ’17 studies writing, drama, and music. He enjoys good video games and all puns. Hi, Mom.

Fiction editor Bruna Lobato ’15 was born and raised in Brazil. She studies comparative literature and creative writing and was recently awarded the Bennington Undergraduate Writing Fellowship for fiction.

Fiction editor Maddy Moberg ’16 was born in a small town in Pennsylvania, but she likes to say Philadelphia. She studies math and literature, and eats far too much cereal for her own good.

Editor-in-chief Brooke Morrison ’15 studies nonfiction creative writing, languages, and art. Time spent in Tunisia and Turkey has influenced her work dealing with cross-cultural communication of perspective, the role of creation in society, and the connections between identity and expression.

Senior nonfiction editor Meg Rumsey-Lasersohn ’15 studies theater and literature. She loves folklore and good debate, hates cilantro and hypocrisy. She’s found quite a bit of the former in plain china,and mercifully little of the latter.

Editor-in-chief Mariyama Scott ’15 studies literary translation and sociolinguistics, and is currently working on translations of three Argentine comics. She serves as the Vice President of Operations for the national organization FUSE, the head Spanish tutor at Bennington, and co-leader of the campus Jewish group.

Nonfiction editor Molly Spina ’16 is a Bay Area native. She loves cats, is a tea connoisseur, and her body is a lethal weapon.

Poetry editor Mary Alice Stewart ’17 studies writing and psychology. She is from Maine.

Senior fiction editor Katie Yee ’17 is a native New Yorker studying literature and psychology. She is also an editorial assistant at Tweed’s Magazine, a coffee addict, and overly fond of sloths.

Long-term plain china Staff

Wyatt Kirby ’10 is founder of a Seattle-based web marketing and design firm. He began work with plain china in 2009, and hasn’t stopped since.

Faculty editor and plain china founder Rebecca Godwin has published two novels, Private Parts (Longstreet) and Keeper of the House (St. Martin’s). Her short fiction has appeared in Paris ReviewEpochSouth Carolina ReviewThe Sun, Modern Language Studies, The Oxford American’s “Best of the South,″ and elsewhere. She has twice served as screening judge for the Drue Heinz Literature Prize and The Atlantic’s student writing competitions, and has judged the S.C. Fiction Fellowship. She is Northeast regional director for FUSE for 2014. Recipient of NEA and MacDowell fellowships, she teaches literature and writing at Bennington.