national anthology of the best undergraduate writing 2014

The Art

Each year, plain china showcases some of the most talented undergraduates in America. While our main focus has always been the written word, the images that accompany the work add tremendously to the aesthetic experience of reading the anthology. With each monthly publication throughout the year, we will add featured images.

Schools listed in the captions below represent those in whose journals the work appeared, which sometimes differ from the artists’ schools. Please see individual biographies on featured pages for further information.

We thank the 55 undergraduate artists from around the country who grace these pages with their fine work.

  • Untitled
    Julia Sub
    Bennington College
  • Ocean
    Beatrice Ugolini
    Bennington College
  • Velvet
    Mariah Wright
    Bennington College
  • Untitled
    Katharina Windemuth
    Brown University
  • That's How It Is on This Bitch of an Earth
    Isabel Sicat
    Brown University / RISD
  • Mushroom Studies
    Mary Beth Foehrenbach
    Central Connecticut State University
  • October
    Sophie Treppendahl
    College of Charleston
  • Limbs
    Kathleen Saunders
    College of Charleston
  • Matchstick
    Charles Green
    College of Charleston
  • Debbie
    Hollis Moore
    Colorado College
  • Circling Stars
    Jacob Kupferman
    Dartmouth College
  • Fukushima
    Takuya Maeda
    DePauw University
  • Complacent Thought
    Haley Tatom
    Drake University
  • Winter
    Jonathan Agee
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Soft Smoke
    Colin Brooks
    Grinnell College
  • Hand
    Justin Miller
    Grinnell College
  • Untitled
    Anastasia Keck
    Hampshire College
  • Video Stills
    Luz Fernandez
    Hampshire College
  • Bird Balcony
    Rebecca Levitan
    Harvard University
  • Ripple Dancer
    Kavanaugh Oktavec
    Loyola College
  • Tod's Point Sunset
    Alexandra Metter
    Loyola University Maryland
  • Roof Monks
    Zoe Weingarten
    Mary Baldwin College
  • Low Tide Shanty District
    Harrison Carpenter
    Mary Baldwin College
  • Winter Morning
    Lyall Harris
    Mills College
  • Grandma Jenny
    Allison Arkush
    New York University
  • Clock Dreams
    Muge Karamanci
    Northeastern University
  • Riverboat Promenade
    Caroline Malouse
    Northeastern University
  • Ripped
    Breanne Sparta
    Northeastern University
  • Untitled
    Rachel Adler
    Oberlin College
  • Grasp
    Elena Makansi
    Oberlin College
  • Ingress
    Matthew Gallagher
    Oberlin College
  • Pause
    Vanessa Burrows
    Ohio State University
  • Bugs
    Ben Denzer
    Princeton University
  • Cedar Key
    William Gilpin
    Princeton University
  • Hollywood
    Jonathan Grado
    Quinnipiac College
  • Possibilities
    Sarah Brotzman
    Shippensburg University
  • Mom Said Cows Lying Down Means Rain
    Emma Webster
    Stanford University
  • Boats For Rent
    Christina Harrington
    Susquehanna College
  • Afterparty 2
    Mandi Vivacqua
    Susquehanna University
  • Man Sleeping on Couch, Occupy Philadelphia, City Hall, PA
    Joshua Hopkins
    Temple University
  • Nostalgia
    Teymur Guseynov
    UC Berkeley
  • My X is an Ape
    Lauren West
  • If Hair Could Talk
    Austin Petersen-Hays
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Bed of Puzzles
    Kathleen McIntyre
    University of Connecticut
  • Sheets No. 1
    Kory Gabriel
    University of Georgia
  • Universale
    Isabel Schneider
    University of Georgia
  • Play the Cards
    Diana Chou
    University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Brothers
    Christine Nicholson
    University of Minnesota
  • Untitled
    Cameron Taylor
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Polski 125
    David Díaz
    University of Tampa
  • Amalfi Coast
    Eliza Delaney
    University of Vermont
  • Sophie
    Jackson Tupper
    University of Vermont
  • Celery
    Molly Kampmann
    University of Virginia
  • My Desires
    Margaret Montague
    University of Virginia
  • Morning Prayer
    Jenny Brum
    Wheaton College